Sunday, June 20, 2010


I love love love everything French. Therefore I love Surface To Air, a french label doing dope things. From creating tees for Kings of Leon and Justice to reinventing amazing leather motorcycle jackets to dropping animal print sandals, Surface To Air is really dope and is one of my fav brands at the moment. Check out these must haves for summer 2010 from Surface To Air.


Check out Scott Campbell's dope collabos with celebs Lilly Cole, Leo Fitzpatrick and Marc Jacobs. Hotness on a whole new level. Wish I could get a tattoo from Saved...don't want to wait in line for 5 years though. Any guesses on the photographer?? Could it be Terry Richardson? Yes, yes, yes! Makes me want some more!!


Madonna, always doing cool shit...who is this hotness male model???

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I need to start writing more instead of posting lame ass videos b/c I'm too lazy to write! Maybe if I had a day off from WORKKKK I could post some cool shit more often:-) Although the music I be posting is dopeness on a whole other level, I could use more effort, so thought I would challenge you to a little game. This is a street style game. The object is to guess where these lovely ladies are from. I searched high and low for perfect pics representing cities I love...Well, there is one city represented that I haven't been to, but I know I would adore:-) There is one really easy guess on here too but the other three might be a bit more challenging. The winner gets a big, wet KISS from moi!!! Ooh la la! Hit me up with your answers pimps and pushers!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Yo, if you love me, which I hope you do, buy me some of these joints! I want, I want, I want. Last year I tried to score the last pair of Jeremy Scott Wings from the flagship Adidas store on Wooster, but some rude bitch stole them from right under me...I nearly went bananas but crept up on another pair of alligator skinned J.S. for Adidas instead. Now I've been scouring the internet trying to find these jump offs to no avail. Please, please, please, if you know where they are in size 7.5 mens, hit me up! Check, check, check these dope sneaks out...I wanna rock them!

Ok, if I can't get my little hands on the Jeremy Scott Adidas Wings, I will settle for these jump offs. Check out the punk themed metal studs from the 2008 Nike Hard N' Heavy Collection. I can't find them anywhere but am thinking of just implementing some studs on the sneakers I already have...although I tried that with a denim vest and every last one of those joints fell off...I suck at shit like that (anything tedious in nature)! Please, please, please, if you love me, find me these...

Alright, since gold digging is my thing and gold sneakers rock out with their cock out, the last pair that I could get by with would be the SBTG x Lazy All In The Family Customs by Nike. Both artists, you can find the SBTG and Lazy tag adorned on these dope sneakers. Girls look super fresh rocking it in high tops, leggings and over-sized vintage tees with loads of chains. Forget the pumps, opt for these dope sneakers instead...