Monday, February 22, 2010


I am so inspired by the written word, specifically quotes, and more specifically, if the quotes come from really strong women figures. Jenny Holzer is an American artist whose main focus is the use of written words in relation to public spaces. Although she has produced numerous quotes herself, she also chooses to reproduce art from the quotes of others. Her work focuses on war, famine, neglect, feminism, sexuality and death (all of my favorite topics)! Some of my favorite Jenny Holzer quotes are, "YOU MUST DISAGREE WITH AUTHORITY FIGURES," "YOU ARE A VICTIM OF THE RULES YOU LIVE BY, "ROMANTIC LOVE WAS INVENTED TO MANIPULATE WOMEN," and "RELIGION CAUSES AS MANY PROBLEMS AS IT SOLVES." Here are some instillations that she produces from her innovative quotes.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Terry Richardson's new blog, appropriately tagged Terry's Diary, is filled with what blogs should be filled!! I don't know about you but I'm sick of reading, I'd much rather look at photos. Maybe that is why I haven't read a book in over five attention span is the size of a peanut at the moment and I cannot concentrate on anything longer than a paragraph. That is exactly why I love Terry's blog, Check out these cool pics of Terry shaving Jered Leto's head. P to the S, my hair looks exactly the same as Jered's at the moment. I got that shit buzzed yesterday by an Icelander! I'm giving yet another shout out to ICE to the LAND! Better hair, hotter girls and WAY cooler peeps!!! Andddddd, the hair cut didn't take four hours andddddd it didn't cost me an arm and a leg. Street Cuts all the way...Cope to the hagen! Ask for Steinunn!
That's a boy version of what I look like at the moment!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Check it out, Pardon My French at Vela in Copenhagen back in January! Fabulous night with my beotches. This is what I made my crew do and they definitely seemed to enjoy it. The place was going bananas for all this naked, homoerotic shittttt! The models rocked my gear but the best part was the make outs, the tits and the hot props waiting at the end of the debauchery! BTW, I got them all super trashed and roofied some of their drinks...yet again, they didn't seem to mind.

A big shout out to Stefan Steinn for taking these dope pics. You can find his work at Can I just tell you that I love Iceland! Stefan's from REYKJAVÍK (the capitol is in all capitals b/c I had to have my friend spell it for me (could have looked it up myself but am LAZY) and my computer doesn't do that nifty asterisk thing)! I love the peeps from there. I feel like everyone in these pics and everyone that is helping me out right now is from Iceland so I have to give a big shout out to my crew!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Just a couple things I've been doing. Thought you might like! Let me know what you think...


Rumors and speculation circulate as to how Marilyn Monroe died. I actually think Bert Stern killed her! Why not? He was lucky enough to take the most famous pictures known to man right before her death in 1962. His famous pictures of MM in a sleezy, booze infested hotel room at Hotel Bel Air made him instantly famous and insurmountably rich upon her death! Would these pictures have been so poignant otherwise? I think not! Therefore, my theory is that he slipped her a roofy and capitalized on her tragic death. Just kidding!
Bert Stern is dope and his published 1992 book, Marilyn Monroe: The Complete Last Sitting, of these amazing pics reached critical acclaim. In fact, this book is so hard to find that I scoured the streets of NYC in search of it to no avail. I must have gone to every bookstore below 14th Street and still couldn't manage to find that jump off. Soooooo...I decided to find mad pics on the internet and post them here for your viewing pleasure. If you can't get enough of MM and Bert Stern, you can check out my "Some Like It Hot" tee that I recreated off of my obsession with Bert Stern. Go to to buy this fresh tee! In 2008 Bert Stern photographed Lindsay Lohan, recreating the The Last Sitting. I happened to find some of those pics too!
Lindsay Lohan, Marilyn Monroe style!
I love this Lindsay Lohan recreation!
Comparing the 1962 Marilyn Monroe pic with the 2008 Lindsay Lohan pic.
This is my favorite Bert Stern pic of all time. I actually have a t-shirt with this on the front!

The infamous BS "X" is where I drew creative inspiration for my "Some Like It Hot" tee.


First to fall, Pardon My French's dope GO LOVE YOURSELF tee. My good friends love it so much that they both sent me pics of them wearing my shit. How cute! If you likey, hit moi up at and I will ship, ship, ship it out!
Van's representing PMF-style

Nettielicious Rocking PMF!

Monday, February 15, 2010


I don't know what it is about the number 5 when making lists but it always sounds so much better to make a "Top 5 List" than it does to make a "Top 2" or "Top 4 List." Furthermore, it is certainly easier than coming up with a "Top 10" list and a lot less time consuming. Therefore, PMF has chosen the "Top 5" most disturbing movies that you have probably never seen.
We all would agree that Requiem for a Dream, Natural Born Killers and A Clockwork Orange are completely frightening. However, we have all seen them. The PMF list hopefully encompasses movies that you've never seen but should have. So check, check, check it out!!
Erasurehead, a 1977 cult classic by director David Lynch, follows Henry Spencer on vacation. Henry comes to find that his estranged girlfriend has given birth to a deformed baby. He decides to marry her but she quickly leaves Henry with the baby. Bizarre events unfold upon his ex's departure, including a romp with the woman across the hall from his apartment, a woman dancing in his radiator and his own head being used to make pencil erasers. Talk about some really crazy shit. This film is so good that in 2004 the United States Library of Congress recognized it as a culturally significant film and have preserved it in the National Film Registry.
This French film is set in reverse order, like Memento. The synopsis goes something like this: a butcher reveals that he was arrested for having sex with his daughter, a homosexual S&M nightclub breaks out in commotion, anti-gay shouting ensues outside of the nightclub by straight bigots, a man looking for Tapeworm in the same club, finds him, breaks his arm and rapes him, a man's skull is crushed with a fire extinguisher, etc. Doesn't it sound crazy? Time destroys everything is the theme of the movie and is quite apparent in every scene. This film is a must see and was deemed the most disturbing film of 2002 by an international audience.
Chan-Wook Park is brilliant. Another Chan-Wook must-see is Lady of Vengeance. The story line goes a little something like this: a man is kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years in a cell with no explanation. He is eventually released, equipped with money, a cellphone and nice clothes. Upon release, he finds that his kidnapper still has plans for him that are worse than his already served 15 year imprisonment. After his release he must find the deep seeded secrets from his past that brought him to his imprisonment. You will not believe the ending to this crazy film!

Mysterious Skin fucked up my mind for days, maybe weeks! The scary thing about this film is that it is set in Hutchinson, Kansas, a town that I hold relatives in and have frequented many times in my life. The story surrounds two main characters. Neil and Brian, whom are both molested by their pedophile baseball coach when they are only eight years old. Neil's deranged and slutty mother pays him no mind while Brian lives in a disillusioned world, claiming that he has been abducted by aliens. While Neil grows up to be a homo husler, Brian looks for someone to disclose his most intimate secrets. The need for exploration and unlocking the future leads them both to NYC where devastation meets happiness.

If you have ever seen Kids, you know that Harmony Korine is a fucking amazing director. Kids got me so scared of HIV, that I've been dodging the penis ever since!! That movie literally scarred me for life! Gummo is set in a small Midwestern town in Ohio (wtf is up with the most disturbing movies being set in small American towns?). The residents of this town have been hit by a tornado and since have been completely inundated out of their minds. To pass the time they kill cats, sniff glue, have homoerotic sex, pawn their downs syndrome sister as a prostitute, and find lumps on each others tits. Don't watch this shit alone!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I'm warning you, "I'm your butterfly" will be stuck in your head all day if you watch this! I cannot believe this video (Enter the Ninja) has over a 1/2 million viewers. I'm sorry, but white people should never rap! This dude is retarded and the bang-less blonde reminds me of a 12 year old trying to look sexy for her step dad (gross). It's great for pedophiles but no one else! The little strip tease she performs in this video makes me want to gag! Don't even get me started on the DJ that they decided to dress up as an alien...disgusting! I'm a hater, but you be the judge. I think it is the worst video I've ever seen but peeps are going ape shit over this joint so had to post!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Lindsay Lohan, wearing Alexander McQueen, being photographed by Terry Richardson for the upcoming issue of Purple Magazine in New York City!

Lindsay Lohan by Terry Richardson from Purple Magazine on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I used to steal these joints from my ex but obviously can't wear them anymore and I REALLY WANT THEM but can't find them!! Nike/Supreme XL Blazer!
The only brand of turntables one should ever buy! The best!
Who doesn't need Helmut Lang leather leggings?
This book is so dope and would look great on my coffee table!
I am obsessed over this Pendleton/Opening Ceremony Aztec Print Letterman Jacket!

Valentine's Day is no big deal in Europe, but having lived in the States for the past 31 years, everyone goes ape shit over this special day. Well, maybe not everyone, especially if you have just been dumped, have a broken heart, have never been on a single date or haven't been laid in over two years. I would imagine if any of the former scenarios sounds like your life, you probably loathe this fucking holiday. But, this isn't about YOU; it's about MOI and what I want on this special day! I never stop wanting so all you lucky ladies that would like to date me, don't all line up at once! Just know that the true way to my heart is through your wallet! Therefore, I have made my Valentine's Day Top 5 list. I don't need flowers or candy. Just buy me those mother fucking Helmut Lang jump offs!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scarlett Johansson for D&G

I love D&G and I love Scarlett Johansson so when I heard that the dynamic Italian duo were featuring SJ in the new ad campaign for the spring release of the new Dolce and Gabbana make-up line, I went bananas. If Woody Allen loves Scarlett, you should too! I don't know if you have seen Vicky Cristina Barcelona or Scoop, but you should because she rocks in that quirky Woody Allen sort of way! Obviously D&G wants her as a muse too because she is rocking it once again in these Marilyn Monroe inspired prints, which are slated to drop soon. Here is a sneak peak because I am an internet slut that tries to find cool shit at all times!


Everyone copies shit; it is inevitable. I honestly cannot think of one thing that is completely original except if we were to travel back in time. Some people think this is highly unethical, but I find it to be the ONLY way to gain new inspiration in a world that is over-populated and on an Earth where it seems as if EVERYTHING has already been done. I think that altering already-made products, art, fashion and photography breeds new creativity and innovation and this is why I absolutely LOVE Richard Prince.

He makes collages, which all of us love, out of previously prepared art and photography. Starting in 1977, Prince's work was revered as being controversial yet innovative and was a main topic of discussion concerning authorship and authenticity, let alone copyright issues. His precocious sexually explicit pictures have gained notoriety world-wide but not without a significant price to pay. Brooke Shield's mother sued RP, when at the ripe age of 10, he photographed Brooke in a bathtub, scantily clad at best. In 1986 RP took a huge turn in the direction of his work and started the "Jokes Series" which encompassed art featuring sexually frustrated and fanatical statements coupled with witty punch lines which were inspired by stand-up comedy and burlesque. Check out some of my favorite work by Richard Prince.


Some of us think that we are REALLY doing important shit. Buuuuuuuut, have we ever tried to start a human rights group in a country where the rights of others is forbidden, especially when the rights seem not to mesh with the way "life should be lived?" I give this Malawi man props for fighting for his rights, especially when gay rights is strictly forbidden in an intolerant nation towards homosexuality.

According to police documentation, the man was arrested for displaying posters promoting gay rights. The police feel that the posters were printed from an outside source since they were so expertly done. The gay debate has increasingly magnified after the first same-sex couple attempted marriage within Malawi in late December. The couple has since been arrested and could see a potential 14-year jail sentence...LUDICROUS!!

The man arrested for putting up posters could face a 5,000 kwacha fine and up to a three month period in prison. Malawi has constantly been criticized for its strict penal codes regarding homosexuality within the country. The penal code criminalises homosexuality and same-sex marriages but under the new constitution, it clearly states that no one should be discriminated. Therefore, this entire debacle seems a bit unconstitutional in my opinion! Maybe the country should start claiming that they "have absolutely no gays living within the country," like the nutty Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated in an address on the campus of Columbia University in 2007.


Is it impossible to sell a new magazine without nudity? Furthermore, isn't Love Magazine supposed to be about fashion? Therefore, one would think that the Love staff would want to display models wearing dope clothes...However, I really like Beth Ditto in this shoot. She is super hot and fly yet she claims that Love Mag did her a bit of injustice by making her look larger than she actually is. She still looks super fresh!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Last night I was having a conversation with friends over drinks (as usual) about EVERYTHING fashion! Obviously you cannot speak about fashion without mentioning Marc Jacobs. I don't know if I'm more obsessed with the clothes he makes or the tattoo he adorns on his forearm with husband and business partner, Lorenzo Martone. The ink is from the famous Scott Campbell tattoo parlor in Brooklyn called SAVED. The waiting list is over 5 years long and one can understand why after checking out this dope makes me crave another one! Maybe "hos before bros" next time!


Karl Lagerfeld, Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani must have gotten a nip and tuck from the same plastic surgeon. You try to decipher which one is which!