Saturday, May 29, 2010


This is the coolest idea cool in fact that over 1,000 peeps attend these jump offs. Here's how it works. Peeps bring their old clothes, music, books, etc, to the event and drop them at the door. Volunteers sort and distribute these items to themed departments where professional curators organize them into boutique-like displays. Attendees of the event then have the option to browse each department and take as much as they can carry! Meanwhile, DJs spin some dope beats, artists silkscreen custom tote bags and tees and fashion photographers take pics of stylish “scored” outfits. Hence the name Score Pop Up Swap. Check out for more dets on the next swap. Bring $3 for the door beotches!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Melody Ehsani is an LA-based shoe and accessory designer that decided to skip out on the prestige of law school and follow her heart, which led her to design! Pardon My French loves independent designers and tries to shout out people you may not know, but should. This girl keeps it real with dope "fuck you" earrings, pistol necklaces, parrot earrings and love/hate rings. I want all of her pieces and I want them NOW! Her tranny-inspired shoes will keep you coming back for more. I hate pink, but must admit that the Asjaj for $150 are off the hook. I'm obsessed with shoes that combine leather with gold and silver chains so these joints are totally fresh. Check out her website at Keep it realllllllllll!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Check, check, check it out! Pardon My French will be at Proposition on Friday night handing out complimentary gift bags filled with cool shit from the pre-release of the Fall 2010 collection. The collection, inspired by everything Paris, is appropriately tagged "Paris Is Burning." From provocative Helmut Newton inspired tees to Gold Star leggings, PMF is rocking it hard. Come out to Slate and see what's good! Also, make sure to check out the goods at and follow our blog at

Big shout out to Icelanders, Eva Runarsdottir, the dope model for PMF Fall 2010 and Ingibjorg Torfadottir, the amazing photographer for this collection. Her work can be found at Eva and Ingibjorg also run a dope blog. You can find it at

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It is rare in this fashion obsessed age to find a fashion obsessed blog that actually gets to the true heart of what fashion should be and where it should come from, that being personal style. I was thumbing through Paper Mag, one of my favs on the market and was reading from their "social networking issue," and found this great article about Broaching upon the website, I found a very interesting philosophy which embodies a mother/daughter team and surrounds their mutual fascination with individuality and personal style. Elisa Goodkind and daughter, Lily Mandelbaum have provided us an accessible gallery of articles, pictures and videos of people that will never dawn the cover of Vogue but encompass what we are missing in fashion; what fashion should represent. Stylelikeu allows us into the homes of these unique individuals, gaining knowledge from their own personal insight. Maybe a new inspiration can be born from this innovative approach. It is trendspotting at your fingertips with no hidden costs attached. We should all take advantage of this site.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Don't know if anyone else is as bananas for Bruce Lee as I am but here are some pics of the hot karate stud from back in the day. He was kick ass with his karate chops and kung fu kicks. I loved that shit. I loved it so much as a kid that I forced my mom and dad to enroll me in karate. I was pretty good but it got in the way of all my sporting endeavors so I had to quit. I'm pretty sure I could have beat the shit out of someone if I would have stuck with it...j/k! I've always wanted the limited edition Bruce Lee dvd set but still haven't received it yet. I've seen all of the movies and since this blog is about cool shit and not about just fashion...cuz we know that can get ultra boring and annoying...I thought I'd give a big shout out to beloved Bruce. Bruce is my homeboy! I want that shirt!

Friday, May 14, 2010


For the past month I have really been incognito. I rarely blog! The reason being...moving back to the crazy city of NYC where I now have to work four jobs just to pay my bills. I have a personal training business, work at a restaurant, work for a fashion company, personal train more clients at a private gym and try to create buzz surrounding my own fashion label. With that said, I have rarely had any time to focus on my own brand but have been lucky enough to get my shit in two more stores in NYC. You can find my first collection at Fast Life on the LES as well as my Fall 2010 collection at Coat of Arms, also on the LES.
To racap my last few months of non-existence, this post is dedicated to fond memories of travel with a special someone as well as goodbye parties and NYC adventures. I am not one to self promote myself and rarely like to post pics of me on my blog but decided to do so in this posting b/c one of my greatest joys in life is travel and these pics represent me in my element. Enjoy!
Going away party in Copenhagen :-(
Martin and me at a rooftop party on the LES
Nettie and me at Quartino on Bleecker
Sexy Eva and me at Counter with the girls in the E. Village
The only gay in the West Village
My fat ass eating yet again (Magnolia Bakery)
Drinking Bloody's at Pastis - MPD
Dancing with cheap, pervy bastards in Milano
Looking hung the fuck over at the Golden McDonald's in Milan
The famous Golden Arches in Milano
Eva and me on the roof deck of the cathedral in Milan
Feed the horse, yum yum (gelato, Milano style)