Friday, April 23, 2010


You will not believe this, but these illustrations are not photographs; they are actually made using ball point pens in differing colors. The artist, Juan Francisco Casas, typically goes through 14 different pens in creating these dope illustrations. Enough said, check it out for yourself! The things that breed inspiration...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


As a vintage obsessed shopper, I have certainly found the vintage gems in NYC and the surrounding burrows. NYC vintage boutiques have the uncanny ability to charging INSANELY high prices on, say for example, a stained 1970's plaid shirt. A price tag of $125 seems a bit much for something that probably hasn't been worn in 15 or 20 years. But when people are willing to pay this much, why change? I went in Screaming Mimi's the other day on Lafayette and thumbed through really ugly leather vests with price tags over $300. To stop this over-priced madness, I have compiled a list of my top 5 vintage stores in NYC that are both affordable and offer really unique items that you really really want but may not necessarily need. I have a special someone coming to visit in May and since we are both vintage obsessed, I thought this list would serve us both well while she is visiting...

1. Star Struck Vintage - This store has everything, from Army jackets to circa 1990's ropers. I have found so much dope shit in this store that I probably have paid the dude's monthly mortgage. The owner is super friendly, really helpful and knows where everything is in the cram-packed, affordable store. It is by far my favorite of NYC. In fact, last week I bought a really fresh Army jacket for $19. Located at 47 Greenwich Avenue (cross street 6th Ave).

2. Beacon's Closet - Everyone knows about this little gem located in Williamsburg and Park Slope (Williamsburg location is better). I have actually heard that vintage buyers go to Beacon's Closet, buy loads of shit because it is so cheap and then resell it to other vintage boutiques at a huge mark-up. The last time I was there, I purchased a circa 1980's track jacket that looks like a kaleidoscope and a really cool wool sweater with constructed, sewn leather patches. This place buys, sells and trades, so bring your old shit and get some new, old shit. From Chanel shoes to Vivienne Westwood tees, this place rocks it hard. Located at 88 N 11th Street (Williamsburg) and 92 5th Avenue (Park Slope).

3. Local Clothing - This place has the best vintage footwear in all of NYC. I was meeting a good friend at Frank's for dinner way back in the day and found this cool little shop by happenstance. I bought these dope brown leather lace up boots for $125 that have lasted me for nearly four years. I still get mad compliments on them every time I wear them. If you want Native American prints, well-made leather riding boots and really cool costume jewelry, you have found your place. I don't mind spending money here because the quality of the products is really good. Check, check, check it out at 328 E 9th Street b/w 1st and 2nd Avenue).

4. Fluke - Located at 86 N 6th b/w Bedford and Berry, this place is like rummaging through a garage sale in Lawson, Missouri (the town I grew up in). The reason: insanely cool shit with really good prices. Rural areas seem to always be the best places to shop vintage b/c the owners have no idea about labels or brands, so they sell stuff that might be worth a fortune for a fraction of the cost. This is how I feel in Fluke. From studded belts to vintage oxfords, this place carries everything you need at a really affordable price.

5. Fox and Fawn - Located at 112 Suffolk St near Rivington St. This tucked away shop buys, sells and trades apparel and accessories. YSL, Balenciaga, Comme des Garçons and Charlotte Ronson pieces can all be found in this incredible store. Local artists' work adorn the store in a space that usually rents out for monthly art shows, concerts and booze-infested parties. The most impressive thing about this store is the collection of designer shoes, with the majority of prices under $100.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Even though H&M is selling products they claim to be organic but are in fact, NOT, sales have still increased with crazed women going bananas for pastel prints and flower dresses. H&M has been noted for being "UN-environmentally friendly," especially when H&M Herald Square began shredding unsold clothing. A German newspaper released an article back in January stating that H&M's eco-friendly materials are actually 30% genetically modified cotton, which is obviously not organic. Maybe those cloth shredding parties at Herald Square came in handy in releasing the new Garden Collection at selected H&M stores.

The Indian agricultural group, Apeda, states that mislabeling organic products is happening on an exponential scale and H&M is not the only bad guy in the equation. Some major European brands have been caught red -handed. Maybe the world will see that it isn't just the US that needs to be more "ecologically" friendly. Fast fashion and sustainability don't even sound right together, do they?