Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I am constantly in search of new inspiration and happened to come across this amazing blog, The concept behind the blog is delivered through the use of highly stylized graphic designs that compare the two very different and diverse cities. I have attached a few images that depict the conceptualization. In a way it makes me nostalgic for good ole New York, but on the other hand, I just have to think of all the annoyances (homeless people begging for cash, grouchy UES ladies that have never worked a day in their life, pretentious wanna be's at the club, white collar bankers that tell you how much they make before they ask you for your name, overpriced rent, overcrowded retardoness, psycho girls that stalk you, rude cab drivers...shall I continue???)and I am blistfully happy that I have uprooted my life to Scandinavia. I think we all can see that I am in Paris's corner! Anyway, these graphics are mad funny and if you have ever experienced either city, you will conclude that the images are very accurate indeed. It would behoove you to check, check, check it!

Are you into nails or cigs?

This is sooooo accurate! Good one!

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