Saturday, January 22, 2011


I honestly can't believe I am writing this post because I hate trends, I try not to follow them and I think it is annoying that every fashion blog I read talks about TRENDS, TRENDS, TRENDS. My philosophy is be yourself, be original, have your own style and most importantly; be confident rocking it. I wouldn't call what I am posting today TRENDS because I rarely see peeps on the street wearing this, especially white jeans in the middle of winter, but these are the things I love and I hope you love them too.

For starters, navy blue mixed with black is dope. My friend from Oslo that went to Parson's with me always wore black and navy together and totally rocked it. The combination is different and NOT A TREND. But maybe you can start one by rocking it by your bad self.

Secondly, socks pulled over baggy trousers is really dope. I am really into tonal colors at the moment so if you rock a pair of dark trousers, offset it with a pair of socks that are a shade lighter. As the picture notes, belts around the socks also look dope. I love, love, love this!

Lastly, white jeans have always received controversy. I always remember my mom telling me that I couldn't wear white after Labour Day (US holiday). Who makes these rules? I've always loved white denim, especially when it looks used and rugged. I had the coolest pair specially made from Earnest Sewn and then my fat ass ripped them on the dance floor at Sway a few years ago. I've never replaced them but now I want to after seeing a pair rocked with a leather motorcycle jacket.

Although I am a hater, these are my loves. Stay tuned for my hates next time! Catch ya later skater...

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